ISHA offers staff training to empower schools to develop excellent handwriting, high quality presentation and art skills with both pupils and staff.

In addition to providing pupils with exciting learning experiences, our training supports teachers to enable children to produce high quality outcomes.

When schools teach handwriting or art skills in the way that we model; take on board our post-project suggestions and follow our recommendations regarding appropriate teaching materials, they achieve excellence rapidly.

Improvement requires change. We can help schools that accept this and are willing to consider different  approaches.


Our training options are as follows:

Whole School Staff Training Days

This is recommended as the most favourable option for the following reasons:

  • The training is very comprehensive
  • Allows staff to gain deeper understanding of the approach
  • Ensures schools develop common goals and shared values which can shape policy and procedure
  • Can include the whole staff including leadership, teaching assistants and support staff, to ensure the approach is fully embedded across the school.
  • Is the most cost effective form of training for a whole school
  • There is an option for multiple smaller schools or trusts to share the training.

Twilight whole School Staff training

This covers the above but the equivalent day of training is shared between two or three after school twilight sessions of 2.5 hours.

Regional Staff Training Days across a group of schools

Teachers are released from schools to attend the training during term time. This training offers the following benefits:

  • Teaching staff can be trained during term time–useful if INSET days are limited
  • Helpful “catch up” training for new staff joining a school that has already adopted the ISHA approach
  • To empower individual teachers to lead the initiative within their own schools

A programme of demonstration lessons with either a twilight session or two staff meetings

With this option, the duration of the project is dependent on the size of the school. Teachers observe demonstration lessons in the classroom setting led by the Consultants. This followed with twilight staff meetings to cover pedagogy and implementation support. To be of benefit, teachers will need to observe a minimum of two Handwriting lessons. The Art curriculum will be dependent on the objectives and aspects being covered.

  • Teachers see practical teaching in action with their classes
  • Children receive the external training which can be a motivator to start a handwriting or art project in school
  • Offers “in class” support to teachers