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ISHA offers  schools a comprehensive approach to the teaching of Handwriting across all Primary Key Stages. Training includes demonstration teaching, INSET courses and bespoke training for Teachers, Assistants and intervention specialists. It also includes a full scheme of work and resources to ensure Handwriting standards are improved easily and effectively for long term impact. 

The Art training for teachers and children is aimed at teachers who are lacking confidence in this subject area. The simple approach to organisation, technique and building of skills ensure success for even the most terrified of artists!

Great emphasis is placed on teaching key skills , setting tasks appropriate to the skill level and giving  clear guidance on correct use of tools and materials.  The ISHA approach models strategies that help all teachers become confident and efficient in the teaching  of painting drawing and other areas such as ceramics, printing and textiles. ISHA believes teaching Art well in school is a vehicle for raising self esteem; motivation, and promoting higher levels of perseverance, concentration and observation.




Director of Gemini Education Ltd 

Co- Director of ISHA- Improvement in School through Handwriting and Art Ltd

Debbie was born in Yorkshire, began teaching in the North West of England and has had a career that has taken her to various counties, countries and continents. She has lived, worked and taught in the UK, Holland, Macedonia and the Middle East. She has taught in many schools and has held positions of Senior Leadership, Deputy Head and Head Teacher.  She has also worked in an advisory capacity delivering training to teachers for UNICEF, Teacher Training and NQT training for Local Authorities and consultancy in Independent schools and with Multi Academy Trusts. 

A highly skilled professional with a passion to see children reach their true potential through effective teaching and learning.

Offering training to Primary School leaders and teachers, Debbie’s drive is to empower them to get the very best outcomes from children in presentation, handwriting and art, through clear and accurate building of skills and an understanding of quality.

With a degree in fine art and education, and over 20 years experience in Primary Education, she delivers school improvement training to the primary sector.

Tel: 07763 171702 | Email:



Director of Cusworth Education Services Ltd 

Co- Director of ISHA- Improvement in School through Handwriting and Art Ltd

Martin was born in Yorkshire and taught for over 25 years in Primary Schools in Barnsley and Doncaster, holding positions of Senior Leadership and Deputy Headships in several schools. He worked with inspirational teachers who themselves had been inspired by people like Sir Alec Clegg and were devotees of the West Riding approach to bringing real creativity and experiential learning to children's education. These teachers passed on the ‘baton’ to Martin, who ran with it and has continued to inspire new generations of like minded teachers and educators.

The second half of Martin’s educational career has seen him take a consultancy role and school improvement provider in projects across Britain and various parts of Europe.

He delivers training in the Primary sector, enabling schools to develop excellent handwriting approaches and encouraging children to take great pride in their work.

Tel: 07597 928252 |