In our art training there is great emphasis on the teaching of skills, particularly for those teachers who don’t feel confident in their own ability or teaching ability I this area.

Through the training, we will cover:

  • Setting tasks appropriate to skill levels
  • Clear guidance on correct use of tools and materials
  • Teaching skills to lead to greater mastery and control
  • Application of skills and linking to cross curricular work
  • Planning an art approach across the school

We regard art as a vehicle for raising self esteem and motivation and promoting higher levels of perseverance, concentration, observation problem solving and personal organisation.

We model strategies that help all teachers become confident and efficient in teaching key Art Skills.

We focus on the following:

  • Observation and plotting – Teaching children to look like an artist and plot an image
  • Drawing – Teaching and developing drawing skills with pencil and pen, leading into other drawing medium
  • Painting – with Powder paint leading onto other paint medium
  • Painting – with Watercolour as an illustrative medium
  • Illustrated writing
  • Ceramics – Using Clay in the Primary curriculum
  • Printing – Block and Relief printing in the Primary Curriculum.

NB The Watercolour painting sessions are most applicable to KS2.