The main reason why handwriting in our schools is not of a high quality, is that teachers do not have the following:

  • Effective teaching strategies to use in handwriting lessons
  • Good teaching language to support those strategies
  • Understanding of how to structure handwriting lessons
  • Understanding of correct pencil grip and posture and problem solving with this
  • Sound knowledge of letter formation, orientation and flow
  • Appropriate, differentiated teaching materials that offer a simple whole school approach

Our training provides all of these.

Teaching handwriting effectively impacts the wider curriculum and the development of the whole child offering, among others the following benefits:

  • When children can write autonomously they can concentrate on what to write rather than how to write so their ideas and writing content will improve
  • A significant impact on children's self-esteem, when they see beautiful writing which they have created with their own hand
  • The huge effect of good handwriting on children's motivation and enjoyment for writing
  • Develops a strong sense of pride which cannot be measured by attainment level or standardised testing
  • Where children have good handwriting, and are proud of how their work looks, they become far more meticulous about spelling, punctuation, grammar and their use of language.
  • When children take care to produce beautiful work they are more likely to take care in other areas of their life – e.g care for resources, care for each other.

We provide teachers with the knowledge and understanding of how to teach handwriting effectively

We model effective strategy, use of language, interaction and structure for exemplar Handwriting lessons.

Our training, as well as enabling teachers to be successful teachers of handwriting, is aimed  at enabling children to be successful writers.

Our differentiated teaching materials are vital components on the road to high quality presentation of work.

Following our training, we strongly recommend that schools reflect on the resources they use to present children’s work and help them to find solutions which support good handwriting and raise presentation levels.